Shri. Vilas Javdekar - Chairman, Javdekar Group

I extend my warm personal welcome to you congratulate you for the interest you have shown in knowing how we can save our Mother Earth. She needs more people like you and I encourage you to invite more people to our website to know more about eco-housing.

"Global Warming & Climate Change" are no more just scientific jargon but a hard-hitting, in-your face reality. They do not belong to a future unknown, but are very much a present-day phenomenon. However, a lot is said about them, but amazingly not much seems to happen to stop it. People are aware of the danger lurking around the corner, but don't want to come to terms with it. As it is very conveniently said... why bother about something that does'nt bother you today?

Well, global warming is something that is happening today and we all definitely need to bother!

During our journey into this new world of eco-friendly construction and materials, we met many senior scientists and forward-thinkers in this field of Environment Conservation. We were truly amazed and worried at the global and Indian data on global warming and climate change. Finding suggested that global warming and climate change is not happening far away, but in our own backyard. Erratic Monsoons, hotter summers, alternating floods and draught have brought about our whole existence in doubt. These phenomena are not natural, but have been proven to be human-induced due to careless & irresponsible industrialization and development.

As our little contribution to the cause of Environment Protection and Conservation, we have made "Eco-friendly Construction & Real estate Development" as the central theme of our company's growth vision. Eco-friendly - with a strong intent right from the stage of planning & design, construction materials and practices and thereafter extending to the entire life-span of the structure and the complete facility management system.

We have humbly announced the commencement of such a project at our site in Wakad, Pune (India) which will be, perhaps "The world's first Five star rated Eco-Housing Complex", aptly being named, Palash - The green Commune. The word "commune" symbolizes a group of home-buyers who subscribe to the ideology of "Smart & Responsible Living" in these digital modern times. Responsible to the environment, responsible to the earth and moreover responsible to their children.

When I first saw the data on the effect and consequences of Global warming and Climate change with my team, it just shook us all up. We started questioning everything... our from intent to actions and even our Lifestyle. We thought that we have to change the horrific picture that we and our children would face. At this point, however, we felt desperately helpless. Helpless because we very just a bunch of people trying to move a mountain. Obviously, the mountain did not budge.

We realized that just a couple of ordinary hands will not matter. That's when we thought we must invite people to live in "Palladio" who have the heart and the more importantly the will to change this. People who have fought many a battles in their lives and have won. People who command respect and who give respect. People, like you. Fine Minds .... that are capable of changing many other minds. When you talk, others will listen. And right now, the time is to listen, Listen to the earth crying out for help.

We at, Vilas Javdekar & Associates, firmly believe that unless people like you and me do not come together in an unanimous effort to save the earth, our future generations will have a tough time ahead. I say this with great concern ... 'What kind of a earth do we want to leave to our children?'. It is out of this motive that we have decided to build only eco-friendly structures; be it a small or big, tall or short, Buildings or Factories, Highways or marine structures, however that they are we will do our bit to make them earth-friendly.

I thank you again for your time and hope that you too will become a part of this movement to save earth... a movement that truly begins from our home!