Eco Commitments

4R’s of Eco living:
  1. Using alternative building material that are more eco-friendly in the long term
  2. Preservation of local ecology by encouraging natural flora and fauna
  3. Over 80% of greenscape for reduced heat dissipation from common areas
  4. Use of hybrid power systems for reduced running costs
  5. Low energy device like V3F Lifts, soft start motors for lower energy loads
  6. Use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind
  7. Common lights powered by Solar Energy
  8. The sun and wind patterns are studied and used while designing to reduce the use of fans, lights and AC's
  9. Biogas generation plant for recycling common waste
  10. Water and sewage treatment plant for effective water recycling
  11. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Renew
palladio is a community in which innovative building and site design techniques are incorporated to not only improve the quality and performance of your home, but simultaneously reduce stress on the environment. Both during, and after construction, careful attention is paid to safe construction, recycling, natural preservation, and useful, efficient home design elements.

A green home is one that is ideally constructed with a smart design, and requires minimal maintenance. The overall harm to the environment is at a minimum and the residents remain healthy. In a country like India where the population is ever increasing, so are the demands. The demand for houses, shopping malls, hotels, commercial complexes etc. are on the rise. An emerging alternative is to go green in housing too."